Tuesday, 24 July 2007


I will be able to update my Twitter location soon, as I am off to Port Aventura (warning - intensely irritating sound on this link) on Monday. In the usual panic I realised that I had no clothes or shoes suitable for a hot climate (or, well, anything, really) so went on what was for me a shopping spree.

There was a sale at Next, and it was... horrendous. I will say no more, except that shops don't thrill me much, and sales even less. I can honestly see very few reasons to wear shiny grey pinstripe trousers. There was a sale at M&S, but, despite my age, something rankles about wearing M&S clothes. Silly, I know, but there you go. And despite that, I did buy some super lightweight chinos and 2 pairs of swimming shorts. All well and good.

There was a sale at Clarks. And there I made what I consider to be the purchase of the year. Oh yes. I have even coined a new word. You see, I have never been one for sandals. I accept that they have their place in some
societies and I even accept that they are indeed useful, but I find it hard to accept that I should wear them. Then I saw the light! My Eureka moment! A cross between trainers and sandals. And here they are, in all their glory.


cigale2007 said...

Why don't you buy your stuff in Spain? You wouldn' have to take them on the plane and you don't really want to take them back with you, do you?

Anonymous said...

I would still need shoes, and I hope these will last for a while now. I also need kecks as I don't have but 2 decent pairs

Anonymous said...

Bad bad bad. They give me blisters!