Sunday, 12 August 2007

Bad day

Today has not been good. The old adage that you pay for your happiness seems to have manifested itself well and truly.

Woke up this morning to find my new bike had been stolen. It ain't the first time, of course - these things are par for the course when you live in London (or virtually anywhere else for that matter) - but it doesn't make it any easier. There's an awful feeling of emptiness when you see the space where your bike used to be, and that hasn't changed since the first theft I suffered over 10 years ago.

The galling thing about it is that it happened inside my (communal) hallway and even more galling is that it is the THIRD time I have been hit there (the sixth time in total) Not naturally prone to paranoia (well, mostly, but certainly not in a Daily Mail fear of rife criminality sort of way) I have begun to worry about my house. The main door is kept closed, with a good closer mechanism. There have been no signs of forced entry, and there are only a few ways someone could enter:
  1. They are let in
  2. They have a key
  3. They wait for someone to leave, hold the door and walk in
  4. They have some means of opening the door without a key
Any of the methods above causes great concern. So does losing a new bike worth three and a half hundred fucking quid!

Secondly, I posted a question to MetaTalk as my first foray into the scary world of Metafilter. Needless to say, I omitted to do a few basic things (like searching tags) and was - more or less kindly - hung out to dry for it. I felt really PUBLICLY foolish.

We live and learn. We live and learn.


cigale2007 said...

How sad! You were so happy and so proud about this bike! What a pity you couldn't keep it inside your house! try not to worry too much -easy to say, i know - or else you'll have to move to another place. Perhaps you could try roller blading....

Anonymous said...

You could always move to New Zealand!!!!!!!!!