Monday, 13 August 2007

Hold the front page!

It's back.

I feel as if I'm in a gangster movie - no questions asked, it was just there.

Go figure!


cigale2007 said...

hey! it's like Eastenders your blog! If you miss one day, your lost! Great! Fantastic! Magnifique! formidable!

EP said...

Yes, great news indeed. Just in case, have you considered:

* it may have been booby trapped - the brakes will fail just as you reach terminal velocity down some London hill?

* it was used in some horrific local crime and you will be getting a visit from the cops any minute now?

* someone has stashed drugs in it, intending to use you as an unwitting mule to ferry the contraband around London?

* someone has smeared some slow acting contact poison on the handlebars and even now your kidneys are in the process of shutting down?

* someone has hidden a radioactve source in the saddle and even now your gonads are in the process of shutting down?

* someone has thought "this is a nice bike. The person who owns this must own other nice stuff. I'll put it back and see who claims it. I'll then follow him home"

* someone has thought "this is a crap bike. I'm giving it back. The owner has suffered enough".

* The thief wanted your lock, not your bike