Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Blogger annoyances


Sometimes, Blogger is a right pain in the ass.

Especially when it comes to posting a mix of pics and text. If you look at the previous post, you will see what I mean. On preview, the post didn't look like it did when it was published. This is also true of other picture posts I've done. Occasionally, I would like to do a quick, punchy visual shot - I think of my Bob Crow post as an example - but I spend so long farting about clearing line breaks and shuffling pictures around that it becomes a major chore. And even at the end of it, it still doesn't look right.

With thanks to a friend, I found Scott Adams' (the creator of Dilbert) blog. It's always worth a read, but this post sums up how a blog picture essay should look, I think. Maybe it's because he's using Wordpress...

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