Thursday, 22 November 2007

Dire here

Three days of mourning colours on the blog again.

As poor as to be expected, and as crushing. Just another England night to remember, no matter how hard we try to forget. I saw Steven Norris this morning standing outside the tube station, and even he was talking about it. Although I suspect he probably cares about football as much as that horse-faced inbreed who was sitting next to Barwick last night, no doubt wondering why on earth the chaps didn't start scrummaging. I'd be keen to know why the fans insist on singing the goddamn national anthem at games, as if the royal family have any real connection with the game.

That aside, how is it possible that players like Gerrard and Lampard can perform so badly? How, when they are earning obscene amounts of money, can they be excused the inability to even pass the ball?

Despite the fact that I have never rated McClaren, and thought that he was effectively running the team even during Sven's reign, I am still disappointed that England won't have a presence in the finals this year. All that remains now is for the FA to make another monumental cock-up of appointing the next mug.

Still, Vedrun played well - better than Micah, I'm afraid.

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