Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A load of Bilics

Sad to read about the demise of the headline writer in these times of SEO, I am looking forward to tonight's match, after a fashion. Not wishing to queer the pitch, I have a feeling that it's going to be another nailbiter.

At least, and I'm sure the blogosphere (yawn) is already filling up with opinion on this, I think SMC has done the right thing in dropping Goldenbollocks. I was fortunate enough to be at the inaugural England game (against Brazil) at the *new* Wembley (TM), and couldn't quite credit the hero's welcome he received. All this talk of him being able to drop a ball on Crouch's eyebrows doesn't wash with me, I'm afraid. He's too old and is playing in a vastly inferior league so that he can increase his already enormous personal fortune. No thanks.

And as for Tony Robinson. He was excellent in Blackadder of course. Many people forget that he was originally the intelligent one to David James' imbecilic aristocrat. Just lately though, he's been dropping the ball on Time Team Tottenham. SMC (as well as 'Big' Neville Southall, as it goes, in what sniffs of Welsh schadenfreude) has sent him the right message IMO, which is:

"Piss off! You're a fucking liability."
This means that SGE will sign him for some inflated fee in January, and everyone will be sniggering at City again. Carson seems all right.

Anyway, the other signal SMC is sending, with the inclusion of SWP, is apparently one of attacking intent. England don't want to sit back and go for the draw, I'm told, because that's not the way we play. Arf!

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