Wednesday, 26 December 2007


Is it me, or is there a real sense of impending doom in the air? I feel almost as if the world is holding its breath for the new year.

Credit crunch, early desperation sales, political nothingness, all stuffed into one gigantic rubbish bag at the end of the Christmas period, taken away for landfill and slowly turned into methane gas - poisoning the environment still further.

Whatever the case, watching the news yesterday, I was particularly struck by the idea that people travelled to Sandringham to watch the Royal Family going to church! With the usual 'balance' for which it is renowned, the BBC spent an inordinate amount of time reporting this, without the faintest tinge of irony in tone. I mean, what kind of people are these? It's Christmas Day at the Williams house (say) in Melton Mowbray (say).

"Mummy! Daddy! Merry Christmas. Can we open our presents now?"
"I'm afraid not William and Harry, we have to get started so that we can be in Sandringham in time to get a good spot. Don't want to miss out on seeing Her Majesty, do we?"
"Not again, please! We never have Christmas at home, and I hate having to eat turkey sandwiches in a motorway layby."
"Yeah, it's not fair. Finding Nemo's on later and we're going to miss it."
"I thought you liked my home made Christmas special sandwiches, and we have the VCR..."
"Yes, but you're recording the Queen's speech again!"

The ludicrous nature of all this was highlighted by a little puff on what the Royal Family do at Christmas. Ordinary English folk open their presents on Xmas Day, but not so for the Saxe-Coburgs. Oh no. In the German tradition, they open theirs on Xmas Eve. Says it all really.


Anonymous said...


I myself travelled to see our Royal Family on their way to church. Very simply, to see this happy band of brothers AND sisters*
surrounded by the faithful on our Lord`s day stirs loin breast and brain; to fest one`s orbs upon this sight is to feel at one with the universe: TO KNOW MAJESTY!
What did you do, watch telly?


Sir Donald De Cake

*Pump up the volume

Myeral said...

You have shamed me, sir. I feel like nothing more than a low life unpatriotic cur for spending my day playing Deal Or No Deal Family Challenge when I could have been feasting my orbs on her Britannic Majesty's orb.