Sunday, 30 December 2007

Scouse, champ or bubble?

Nearly through it now. Quite a slog, with too many toys, far too much Eastenders and Corrie and nowhere near enough alcohol.

TV highlight of the year: The Likely Lads movie, which seemed to strike the right festive (i.e., bleak) note. These days, there are so many movies available all the time that we have lost that magical sense we used to have of real event TV (I know it's a hackneyed concept, but it really strikes me more and more each year) which would send a shiver of anticipation up your spine. Casino Royale, for example, has been on Sky Movies Premiere (pshaw) several times a day for the last week - with the old David Niven version on today. I have seen it all (I mean the new one) but never in one sitting. Yesterday was a Star Trek marathon on Sky Movies Sci-Fi, and I caught some of the first one for nostalgia's sake, a bit of the third one for Christopher Lloyd, but missed The Voyage Home, which was the one I really wanted to see. Ah well.

The major saving grace of all this festive stress is of course the inordinate amount of football available. It's even more wall-to-wall - thanks to our old friend Rupe - and a few years ago it would have been an impossibility to have City v Liverpool on a Sunday afternoon. My prediction: Liverpool win 2-0, sad to say.


Anonymous said...


Your woefully inadequate round-up of the horrors of non-communal TV viewing fail to mention the following shows (that any member of the clergy could tell you were fit for fellowship):

Dracula AD 1972.
Eastenders (Baden-Baden.)
The Floating Head of Death.
Stout Yoeman.
The Shoelace Show.
Jake and The Fatman.
I Accuse my Parents.
The Bensons Live!
I, Claude Hopper.
Bat ON.


Don Cake

Myeral said...

I failed to spot any of the shows you mention on the plethora of channels at my disposal over the festive period. I haven't heard of Stout Yeoman, The Shoelace Show, I, Claude Hopper or Bat ON, I'm sorry to say.