Sunday, 27 January 2008

Je suis en flame

Sometimes it's like someone took a knife
Baby edgy and dull
Cut a 6 inch valley through the middle of my skull.

The knife was made in fucking Sheffield. By the finest cutlers.

Didn't help that there was some psycho Cockney Rag in the pub, who had previously seen me out and about in my City shirt. He put me right on edge - though he told me twice that he wasn't a violent person - and I left at half time.


Culla said...

Where were you drinking in London during the game? I'm a Blue and watched it in Nunhead, with the local crowd very much in favour of Robbo's underdogs

Myeral said...

Nice to hear from a Blue. I was in the heart of Goonerland, where I am cursed to live. There wasn't a crowd as such. Only 5 people not including the barmaid.

Praying for a lack of embarrassment tonight...