Saturday, 26 January 2008

Jimmy Jazz

Boy will I be glad when I can drop this dumbass idea of starting every post in January with the letter J. I feel as if I'm in Sesame Street or something.

Three weeks under my belt (not much room there, I know) at the new job and it has become marginally less terrifying as the time has passed. It's all very odd, and I never quite know what each day is going to bring, so I veer from despair and fear to confidence and amusement on an almost hourly basis. I can't complain, because I'm being paid reasonably well and there's certainly never a dull moment. Watching the unfolding crisis at Zooomr, I'm not sure if I'll be able to post any pictures till their server move to Japan is completed, but if it happens, you can be sure that I'll do so.

Dull moments will be reserved for tomorrow's FA Cup match at Bramall Lane. Greetings to Nigel in LA (via Sheffield) if you're reading this. May the best team win.


alan moore said...

Starting all your posts with a J is not dumb, it''s brilliant. I'd like to see you do it all year.

Myeral said...

Jee Janks Alan!