Tuesday, 5 February 2008


You know how it is in life when you come across people who IMMEDIATELY make you feel angry? It just so happens that the latest in this depressingly long line is a Spurs fan, and this - I hasten to add - has nothing to do with the feelings of revulsion I harbour for him. He could be a Blue, but he would still be a cunt.

I don't class myself as in any way a prejudiced person, but there's something about his (admittedly slight) overbite which I just can't get over. It's on the left side of his mouth only, but appears disproportionately large when viewed in the context of his overall face. I don't have anything against overbites, and in certain circumstances, they can be quite attractive, but DEFINITELY NOT in this instance. Is that clear? Good.

He can't resist snide comments, especially when there is no need for them. He is a shameless name-dropper, in the most pathetic contexts imaginable (you'll have to take my word for this, but trust me...) He is craven in the worst way, publicly shifting blame wherever it is possible to do so and seeking kudos from the lowliest piece of shit imaginable.

Loyalty is an alien concept to him, for he hates his own boss and doesn't possess the wherewithal to deal with those particular foibles, and he actively drops shit on those who were once colleagues (but never friends) to further his own agenda.

What a twat.


Munich sponsored by A.I.G. said...

Speaking of Bastards and Twats, what is your blog's opinion of the possible disruption of the derby's minute of silence?

marie said...

he looks like my boss, NS...

Myeral said...

Shouldn't that be Munich sponsored by a.i.e.e.e.e?