Monday, 17 March 2008

Frank stops the rot

To sunny Tottenham over the weekend to watch the beloved Blues take on the fancy dans of North London, with their three handled cup and all.

First half performance was so depressing (playing reasonably well, creating unconvincing chances, and then succumbing to the usual sucker punch of Robbie Keane) that I jumped on the tube and headed for the solace of Goondwanaland, but when I approached, something made me get off a stop early and head for a pub. I found quite a nice one in the end, trad but tarted up, newly invigorated by the Emirates billions and nestling in the shadows of the smart apartments that run in a line all the way from the new ground to Caledonian Road station. It was called The George and the barstaff wore black shirts with George N7 at the top right. Pint of Carling and a pack of smoky bacon was £3.20, and aside from the barmaid and me, there were 4 other punters in. Plenty of room to sit in front of the plasma and watch the rest of the game, which was now poised at 1 all. I could tell from the tenor of the commentary that this was a different kettle of fish to the first half, and began to prick up my ears. Bit of pressure, Vassell's first involvement, corner! Elano steps up, drives in a belter of a delivery, and there's Nedum to blast it past a static Robinson. Stonker!

With a little help from Ramos' strange decisions, and the even stranger ones of the ref and linesman we made it through to take the 3 points. Fuckin fantastic! Obviously, it was largely due to the return of Frank, out of jail and out on bail, and that's the way it goes - ROUGH!


lord churchill said...

I would never condemn a man for taking his drug of choice. Nor would I condemn anyone for bombing civilians or using poison gas, for that matter.
Anyway, play up Mancaster!

kim il-sung said...

I watched this match on celestial TV and what a scrap it was! The Rayners took it to the Lilly-livers and they did not like it up'em, did they not! Honestly, it took me back to the days of Arthur Ransome and Paddy Power! Harry Hotstuff, this evening your boys took a hell of a beating, a hell of a beating!!