Monday, 28 April 2008

Cottage industry

Sorry to those of my readers who prefer not to hear football talk. Close your eyes, turn the sound down, go and make a cup of tea. You know the routine. I'm going to discuss yet another imbecilic display from the beloved Blues over the weekend.

This is the thing - the second game in succession where Elano has played right back. RIGHT BACK??!! I realise that most of our established back line are out injured, but aren't there more of our younger players available? The highly lauded youth squad which recently won the FA Youth Cup surely has one or two precocious talents in its ranks to step in on the corner of the box, thus allowing the mercurial talent of Blumer to be unleashed where it serves the team best? What do I know compared to the mighty Sven, eh?

Anyway, the misery was somewhat leavened by the even more farcical events at Stamford Bridge earlier in the day, where our national captain provided more evidence that he really is maturing into the kind of inspirational leader that can be a role model to the kids of England's sink estates by kicking a female steward in the shin.

I don't know. There's something about Jimmy Bullard I can't quite put my finger on, and although I actually quite like the ground, Craven Cottage hasn't been a particularly happy place football-wise over the years. Maybe next season it won't be an issue...


kim il-sung said...

oh my godliness! MY RAYNERS weep as a mountain! A mountain that produces eggs! Eggs from a chicken!
I sacrifice my power on the altar of my love...HOW? How can you lose in such a la mode to a team who are clearly PIGS! Full of HAM! Oh Woh! Woh! And thrice woh!
Would STEVE REEVES stand for this? Would EDDIE HUGE stand for this? Would COLIN'S BELL stand for this?
No! All true blue-bloods join to me in saying SVEN SVENSON have a BUSY DAY!!!

h jintao said...

Get off my mountain, there's a torch coming through, and it's on its way to Sven Karlbsbad's mansion to set if afire.

blues4evah said...

r their loadsa city fans in asia?