Wednesday, 30 April 2008


It was fun while it lasted. Old Frank, it seems, is no stranger to making the tough decisions, having been Prime Minister of Thailand, don't you know. I was never a huge fan of Sven's appointment as City manager, was in despair during his tenure as England boss (though compared to SMC, he didn't end up looking so bad) but I do now feel a little disappointed that he's on the way out. Though I wouldn't go as far as protesting about it.

Big Phil coming in? Bookies have him at 2-1, so you'd be a fool to go against that, wouldn't you?
So for now, a fond farewell to the little Swede with the big turnip. You will be missed.

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kim il-sung said...

Oh! I think back to the good old days! Not Mr Sachs and his interesting handkerchief but the times of calm when our lovely RAYNERS were steady-as-she-goed by Peter's Wales.
Really, I admire Mr Thickskin and his autocratic approach, but SERIOUS, HE is NOT a GOD. The birds did not sing in Winter when his son was born I will bet! So take it from my mouth: Bring back Steve Reeves as coach!