Monday, 22 February 2010

Quite enough of that


Update: Received a call saying they want to see me tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. At last!

I'm not even going to mention the game yesterday. It doesn't merit me wasting any of the copious free time I have at my disposal. Instead, on this pissy Monday in the middle of this interminable winter, I will have a quick moan about the job situation.

Since my last post on the subject, which was somewhere around two weeks ago, I am STILL waiting for a second interview date for one of the jobs I applied for. I won't mention the name of the organisation, but suffice it to say that they seem to treat their recruitment process in much the same way as they treat the captive public, who have little choice but to buy their products. No doubt (and I hope that I'm not giving the game away here) there will be a request to attend 3 interviews at the same time just as I have more or less completely given up hope of getting anywhere. There is - it seems - little I can do about it, caught as I am with a recruitment agency, who are themselves somehow brokering a deal on the job with another agency. My contact says she is not able to communicate directly with the hiring manager, so in a word - fucked. Which doesn't mean I don't feel like running over to her and grabbing her by the lapels (a la our famous leader) and yelling "Stupid bitch!" into her ear because there's nothing worse than waiting.

In the meantime, I am preparing for the other second interview which is scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon. I have no idea what I might be asked to do or say however, and will need (I guess) to think on my feet. From there? More waiting, but I don't think too long either way, as these people do seem to be true to their word in communicating their decisions early.

Truth be told, I just want a job now. Any bloody job will do, just so long as I can get myself out of the house for a while.


Michael said...

The game was on in Odessa too, unfortunately. There was even a local Man City fan.

Myeral said...

Is nowhere safe?

You might be lucky enough to catch the replay at Stoke tonight. At least there should be some fighting to liven things up.