Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Out of the blue

No more Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads at 9 in the morning. No more Top Gear re-runs. No more 'Pop down to Waitrose for me if you've got nothing else to do.' Despite my feelings of self doubt after yesterday's second interview, I have been successful in obtaining employ. Hooray for me. I start on Tuesday morning, and I promise I will be a good boy, especially now that I know what it's like on the outside. I will not need the Nurse Ratched treatment in order to toe the line, and that's a promise. Yes sir. I also apologise for anything beastly I may have said in previous posts. It would be a real doozy if I got fired for a dooce before I even started work, eh?

This has been the longest period since I left college that I have been without a job, and though fun when it started, it has definitely begun to wear thin. So with a spring in my step, I will return to daily shaving, daily commuting and daily grumbling at the water cooler. I will let you all know how it goes. What lies before me is a few days of genuine rest, where I can get up without thinking about application forms or daily email prompts from online employment services, where I don't have to check my bank balance against the calendar (birthdays, Mother's Day, my eldest daughter's first school trip - these are all coming up) while biting my lip.

It all starts (where else?) at the Brittannia Stadium (yet again, fucking hell!) with the replay against the sodding Potters this evening. I have a bad feeling about this, is all I will say. But at least - even if we did win - Chelsea away would be the prize, so that makes it all better. Then it's, er, Chelsea away. Bah. No matter, nobody can piss on my bonfire today. I'm a minger!


EP said...

Well done fella. Are we allowed to know who this shadowy organisation is now?

Myeral said...

A series of clues will be laid on this blog and other social media outlets I use. By taking the first letter of the third line of each alternate tweet and dividing it by the last letter (in the Cyrillic alphabet) of the title of every 5th Flickr upload will you find the truth.

John Titor said...

I told you not to worry. Records show you were employed again at the beginning of March.