Monday, 1 March 2010


It was the best of games, it was the worst of games.

Oh all right then, it was the best of games. Actually, the only real response had to be laughter, as perfectly captured by one of my Spurs mates when he thoughtfully rang me after the final whistle. This was in direct opposition to one of my Rag mates (yes, there are some...) who texted me before the end of the game (he knows the rules, and it isn't the first time he's broken them either) to crow about us helping the cause of our red smeared neighbours. Class, as they say, always tells. I would like to congratulate Manchester United on lifting the 3 handled cup again, but I won't.

So, returning to more important matters, I marvelled at the yin-yangness of the thing at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. It was a tale of two men, no doubt about it - the famous not-handshake forcing even the mighty Murdoch to change his habits and shift his ad schedule around. There was quite a lot of business around the 'not-shake and stir affair' as it goes, with one of the officials attempting some sort of 'brother' clasp with Wayne just before the big JT moment and then the Bridge air-shot immediately followed by a shake with a kid (which surely doesn't count as a shake anyway?) standing next to the odious erstwhile captain. A palpable tension was in the air.

And then the game.

To say that City were continuing in their recent vein of (atrocious - and tedious) form would be an understatement, and after the first goal, I was convinced that it would be pelmets for Henri. How wrong can you be? The slowest strike in the world from Tevez - jet lag fuelled one might say - crept over the line and from that moment on, the match was transformed, the balance tipping our way with every scuffed kick and misplaced pass, every spiteful flick and resigned march towards the tunnel. A game of two halves you are never more likely to see. This is what has struck me (pathetic as I may be with my number shit, but there you go) about the game:

Tevez scored 2; Bellamy scored 2; Lampard scored 2; Chelsea had 2 men sent off; the total number of goals is divisible by 2; I start my new job on 2 March; John Terry is a number 2.

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Kim Il-Sung said...

And 2 Koreas it is said! Although in real only one of course.
But Serious, this Lucifer was something! A basket of dumplings, or a ball-bearing factory! Very precious McEnzie!
And our own solid Bridge showed Mr Johnathon Terrance that he be naught but a simple lathe-turner, one without experience!