Sunday, 21 March 2010

Mrs Brady

Thanks (I think...) to The Spectator for this image.

Officially better than Juve, then?

It was, to say the least, an odd one for me watching City today (I heard that it was possible to see the game via on the computer, where - they say - feeds from all over the world are aggregated and beamed to users without the need to pay a subscription fee. To Rupert Murdoch, or anyone else, come to that. I'm advised that - if you do take advantage of this entirely illegal service, you might end up with a South American commentary, complete with the obligatory vintage Chris Tarrant TV shouts of 'Goooooaaaaaaalllll!!!!' morphing into 'I Love You Baby' and amusingly partisan shouts of 'Carrrrlitoss!' every time Tevez touches the ball.) but I ain't making no fuss.

Fulham were never really in it, and the handball decision was harsh to say the least. Hard to credit that they gave The Old Lady such a run for her money in the week, but - as the inimitable Mr Hodgson was quick to point out - there's often a reaction to every action.

Of course, the high-as-a-kite Mr Dempsey had to sink to earth with a deafening thud at some point. He has not gone up in my estimation, and that's a fact.

All in all, not too bad a show this weekend, though I was hoping for a high scoring draw between the Rags and the Scousers, with some juicy injuries thrown in. But then again, you can't have it all, as Kate Bush would doubtless agree.


Michael said...

You get around 25 seconds of commentary on Then a blank screen. BBC text updates are much less annoying.

Myeral said...

I got the entire second half in (more or less) real time, with the added bonus of not being able to understand the commentators, though able to laugh at their attempts to pronounce 'Baird'. Definitely worth the money.

Michael said...

I hope you didn't sit through the Everton game as well.

How long's left for Mancini?

Myeral said...

I sat down for the first half (minus the first 15 mins or so) watching strangely jerky movements on the screen. I thought we had scored 2 or 3 times before realising that we hadn't. I gave up searching for yet another feed with about 6 mins to go. Bastard fucking toffees.

Mancini... Clearly planning on lying down with an old lady, and no great loss to Sheikh Mansour (or anyone else) at that. Perhaps he will take to wearing a surgical stocking round his neck.

At least when your fellas fight, they look like they actually mean it.