Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Paths of the Dead

Thanks to Lovely Old Tree for the image, though I suspect this was not the source...

You know me and the genius loci thing. Cor blimey, I love it! We get what we deserve, I suppose, and thank god at least that we are still alive. So it was with interest that I tuned into Start The Week last night on R4. Much as I do love spurious semi-scientific theories such as homeopathy for example (what's not to love about that shit, man?) I am no great fan of Andy Marr, 'cos he sums up for me the worst of the Beeb as far as I'm concerned. Makes a mockery of the 'left wing bias' criticism the Corporation so often faces with his la-de-dah voice and big ears, so he does.
Thanks to London Speaker Bureau for this one.

Hiyever, last night's programme (which had to have been put together at extremely short notice, given the topicality of the banter) was superb. It explored the geographical singularities of that cess pool which has become known as Whitehall, harking back to Henry's day to illustrate the longevity of these little rat runs between Monarchy and Parliament as they carry out their silly dances for power. The lovely Clegg was caught out, I heard, nipping out the back door of somewhere or other yesterday - purely by chance, as some hack happened to be passing by and got his BB out quick as a gun in Fallujah to let everyone else know - and the particular dark alley he had been scuttling along had been used since at least 1540. I urge you to podcast the show or iPlayer it, or anything. It's good.

In direct opposition, E20 has never existed. Least of all tonight, so the kids are of course asking:

"How long is this news???!!"

I for one welcome our new indistinguishable insect overlords.


Michael said...

"I'm all ears. I'm Andrew fucking Marr here."

Malcolm Tucker, genius.

Myeral said...

Couldn't agree more, though reality actually managed to take over this time.