Thursday, 13 May 2010

Setting Sail

There has been much debate about debates and coalitions and all that schmutter. Really, it's all but impossible to say anything which hasn't already been said, whether in jest or in high earnest. I therefore thought I would seek some alternative opinions. Without wishing to come over all Jimmy Saville (or Noel Edmonds - nay, even Dr Fox - come to that) I've listed below the results of a straw poll of some children from the hood. I done my best not to influence anything and that (honest) although I did abbreviate names to initials, and so take from this what ye will.

I think that David Cameron should not be President, because he is the worst man ever.

He is also unable to think of good ideas for the future, e.g., stop racism; more exercise; stop selling adult things to children, for it influences bad behaviour and bad dressing.

Even though I do not like Gordon Brown, I would prefer him to be President rather than - wossisname - David Cameron, because DC is very horrible and annoying.

I think he won the public over by bribing and claiming he has good ideas, when really he has an empty noggin and no imagination.

Nick Clegg should be President and DC should be in jail because he is a meanie and a liar to the public.

DC thinks nothing more of Nick than a civil servant and a loser who could not even steal the public away from DC.

Boris Johnson is stuck-up and a meanie like DC because he swears a lot and he doesn't look very nice because in the debate I saw him as a show-off to the whole of England so that he could be the President.

BJ looks like he stuck his head in urine for his head looks completely bleached, and claims he knows what's best, and keeps promising the public what they want but never giving it to them.

Gordon Brown is not nice at all, but he is not the worst out of all of them because he does not show off that much and swear like BJ. All of them are now - I guess - enemies because only one of them got to be President and all their work has just gone to waste. So, I guess that they would vote off when you could straight away so they could have the crown sooner.


EP said...

C'mon. You expect us to believe that these aren't slogans you've daubed yourself on your bedroom wall? In excrement?

Myeral said...

Where do you think I live? The Maze fucking prison?

EP said...

Hah! I don't know why I added that, it just seemed to fit the comment.

For the sake of argument I'm prepared to accept you don't do that.

Myeral said...

Yes. For the sake of argument.