Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ah... Fuck it

This is what we've become then? Hopeless, blind and vindictive.

The leader of the Coalition sees fit to involve himself in the (at best) semi-literate rantings of Neanderthals who hero worship a man because he has muscles, carries a gun and dies pointlessly while people laugh at Paul Gascoigne being pissed. Yet, not only does he involve himself, he has to pontificate on the 'morality' of the episode, for fuck's sake! Doesn't he have a structural deficit or something with which he should be bothering his pretty little head? Aren't there poor, disabled or disadvantaged groups against whom he should be planning further attacks? I mean, Jesus fucking Christ on a fucking bike!

At the same time, another frantic little turd across the Channel deflects attention from his own execrable, corrupt and celebrity-obsessed clamours for fame (I do realise that these people are figureheads - I'm not that stupid - but that is even more egregious, n'est-ce pas?) by forcing the concept of liberte on a group of people (I am, neither, a fan of the burqa, but you don't [are there no lessons being learnt from the clusterfucks in Afghanistan and Iraq?] produce democracy at gunpoint, be it literal or metaphorical, no matter what some twat from Saffron Walden might say under the cover of an anonymous profile on CiF) under the laws of the Republic, telling them that they must conform or be consigned to the Bastille.

Meanwhile, the great savior [sic] - Hussain [sic] Obama - sends tweets thanking people for boosting his Facebook following to 2 million as hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil gush daily into the hurricane-ravaged seas of the Gulf of Mexico and more and more GI Joes die or are maimed by IEDs in Helmand Province. How utterly fucking banal can you get?

What - in the name of Baal, Buddha, Bevan - have we become?


EP said...

On the other hand Robbie is back with the boys's a tapestry, innit?

Myeral said...

Well, there is that.