Monday, 12 July 2010


Caught in the act

I write in tribute to an old friend - Reg - who has not, let me hasten to add, shuffled off this mortal coil just yet. Though he has endured a slightly littler death, i.e., retirement. If my rudimentary maths are correct, Reg has just achieved 40 years of service at the House of Mouse, retiring last week. I feel bad because I was (at least partly down to laziness on my behalf; though there are other reasons - to do with a sense of inadequacy after my being made redundant from there - for my unwillingness to make the pilgrimage to Hammersmith) unable to attend the party.

Reg is a man of true heart and soul, and I feel privileged to have made his acquaintance. Historian, writer, romanticist, fixer, boozer and carer. Viking, alternative universe-dweller, Terry Pratchett fan, Baloo the Bear costume wearer and (not quite. But this is what makes us human, the 'not quite' bit, isn't it?) all-around good guy.

Reg is a human. Long may he reign.


Michael said...

A human in the civil service? Fear not, the Tories will soon put an end to that sort of thing.

Myeral said...

You are right of course, but Reg was strictly private sector