Monday, 5 July 2010


DISCLAIMER: I do not intend to belittle serious discussion around sexual behaviour, it's just that I have a puerile sense of humour. I apologise.

A small flutter on Twitter alerted me to Channel 4's sex ed programme this evening, sending me over there in a couple of clicks, needless to say.

As ever, though one could be picky, I thought C4 handled it extremely well, with relatively few slip-ups. This is, after all, where the channel comes into its own, presenting the subject in a popular yet sensible manner. Even Dr Petra was not wholly dismissive, so there's a win right from the start.

I didn't watch the whole programme (sustaining has always been an issue for me) and in fact only dipped in for a couple of minutes, but later tweets pricked my attention, when mentioning an OAP discussing blow jobs.

Much as I despise any nastiness based on prejudice, I realise that I am heading towards old age at a rather alarming speed, but I do not necessarily think I could reach the requisite level of interest by playing this particular movie in my internal (rather small - located in King's Cross before the Eurostar arrived) cinema.

Of course, this attitude cannot stand for long. I am, nobody can deny, the right side of 50, and have a family history of chronic sloth - which I am proud to uphold from my prostrate position. It will not be long before I slide clumsily into old age and stare wordlessly at the wrinkled flesh laid out so alluringly before me. And I speak only of myself. Boom boom.

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