Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Well, what's all this shit about Rooney? Utterly pathetic. He wants to leave, Fergy is tediously upset (the PR woman at the end of this piece really encapsulates the whole thing for me. 'No questions. That's it. Sir Alex is doing another piece for MUTV, and that will be available to you all.' For fuck's sake...) Mancini refuses to commit, Chelsea are playing a waiting game and neither Real nor Barca can afford it. Wazzer himself is playing a few rounds with his agent, and the goddam circus makes me want to puke.

As I sit here listening to the incredible end to the Inter/Spurs match, it comes home to me just how much the beautiful game is sullied by this shit. As one of my Rag mates said:

'Get rid.'

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