Sunday, 17 October 2010

Through the hoops

Yet again I face an interview. For the job I have been doing for the last seven months or so. It would be fair to say that I am quietly confident, but then again the interview isn't until Thursday, so the nerves haven't begun to kick in yet. Interviews have that quality of being awful while you are undergoing them, but exhilarating in hindsight. Unlike on other occasions, I have prepared for this one, and have had a great deal more experience in conducting competency based interviews. Also in my favour (or is it?) is that my current boss and perhaps her boss will be on the panel. Fewer opportunities to bullshit of course, but it's also true that they both pretty much know what I am and am not capable of doing by now.

Thursday of course is the day after the long awaited announcement on the government spending review, and given my employer's almost total reliance on Treasury funds, things could indeed be radically different by the time I'm sitting in that meeting room trying to recall examples of a time I delivered excellent customer service. Reassuring at least that the defence cuts will not be as large as were feared, though I am struggling to see the point of building aircraft carriers if you can't afford to buy the bloody aeroplanes to go on them.  Seems a bit silly.

In any case, why can't we share an army with the USA? We could contribute a bit of money - though substantially less than the £100 million per fighter that we're talking about now - and ask the Yanks to send over a couple of planes as and when they are needed. We have the same goals in every conflict the Americans create, and it is extremely unlikely that we would ever find ourselves in opposition to Uncle Sam. If we did, we wouldn't last 5 minutes in any case, so why bother? Colonel Bluster or some such arse was on the radio the other day saying that we wouldn't be able to defend the Falkland Islands again should the need arise. Well, a quick call to the Supreme Commander would soon sort that out.


Kraxpelax said...
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E Hammond said...

Seriously, when did being interviewed for a job you already have start? Shouldn't management have some idea of the job you're doing already? And if they don't, doesn't that make them incompetent? Also, isn't quality of customer service decided by the customer? And, doesn't the simple fact that asking these questions during your interview would decrease your chance of landing this job which is already yours, give me the real answer to all my questions?

E Hammond said...

Good luck, by the way.

Myeral said...

Thank you E. It is indeed a funny old world