Sunday, 10 October 2010


So, ended up in Regent's Park yesterday after shopping with the kids in Camden Town. Clearly, one wouldn't expect the same type of people to patronise this particular royal garden as you would see in say Paradise Park.  As the kids played, and I sat and waited, a middle aged woman next to me fired up her iPhone and began to talk.

"Hello darling. Are you well? Oh Caro, yes it was a lovely time.  The Ritz was fabulous, and the whole area around it, the Place Vendome, was really wonderful. Oh, and Caro... The shopping. Oh. My God. There are some of the big names there, but also a lot of lovely boutiques. And Neil bought me a ring from Boucheron. Emeralds. There were some fantastic restaurants, Caro. A friend recommended one and the concierge at the Ritz recommended another. It was all just so lovely and romantic. I think I'm falling in love with the city again... Caro, you can't go to Magnet for your kitchen - they're so naff. Yes. They're ultra naff.

"Oh, I must tell you Caro. We've won a holiday. With Boucheron, for being one of their best customers. It's a weekend in Morocco. Isn't that funny? No, I don't think we will go. The Algerian president will be there. I mean, what do these people do at these things? No, if I did get a free weekend, I'd sooner jump on a plane with Neil and go to New York."

I couldn't take any more.

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