Monday, 23 April 2012

All on now

Who'd a thunk it, eh? Certainly not me as I sat on the 329 in its interminable course along Green Lanes, furious with the BB as it echoed the bus's tardiness in returning a simple web query. Five or six refreshes and at last you get to the score of the current match, which was of course the Rags v Everton at the Sty. At that point it was 4-2 Rags, and naturally I felt that it was definitely Kenneth Wolstenholme, so dejectedly prepared to grab my messages from Waitrose and head home. Then, two text messages came in in quick succession from John the Brief; the first said 'Come on you toffies' (sic) and the second, simply: 'Happy days!' The prospect of again firing up the BB web browser was too much to bear, so I contemplated standing in the doorway of McDonald's and trying to pick up the Cloud wi-fi on my iPod, but instead sent John a text back. 'Out & about,' it said, 'Did they beat the Rags?' A few minutes later, and on my way to Holland & Barrett, came his reply: '4-4 f/t', and at the same moment a bloke (obviously a United fan) was talking to his mate on the mobile just behind me, confirming the wonderful news.

A spring now in my jaded step, I made it home and flicked on the radio, listening to the pundits saying it was perhaps the game of the season, listening to Bacon Face decrying his defence and sending Schadenfreude texts to my Rag mate, tempered slightly by the fact that the City match was still an hour and a half from kick-off. There was also much talk also of how City could wrest back the initiative by winning at Molineux, of how destiny had brought us to this point, and blah blah blah. I vacillated for some time, working out whether I wanted to spend almost £4 on a pint, whether I could be bothered to walk to the top of the hill, and - most importantly - what effect my decision would have on the outcome of the match, knowing full well that my choice would definitely influence the game.

Finally, I settled on going for one pint and one half of 90 minutes, arriving at the bar a minute or two after the start. Wolves looked bright enough, and were testing us with set pieces and high balls into the box, but their early threat faded somewhat, and we had a good few chances which were agonisingly close before Clichy played that absolute peach of a pass and allowed Kun the sniff he needed to bang in his 22nd goal of his debut season. What a player he is! Home again for the second half, and a few more scares before the quick thinking of Tevez gave Nasri an easy task to seal the points, sending the Yow Yows back down below in the process.

All on now for a week today, and a match to look forward to if ever there was one.

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