Saturday, 7 June 2008

Stat attack

Some time ago, I posted a piece about my online presence. I think it's time to update the numbers, in light of the fact that the blog anniversary, is in a little over 3 weeks. So, up to this moment, I:

Have posted 141 times to this blog. Last count, there were 4125 hits recorded, which is pretty pathetic, so I would like to send out a request to all my friends to see if I can reach the 5000 mark for the 25th of June.

Have updated on Twitter 263 times

Have 1680 songs in my iTunes library

Am storing 1451 pictures on my external hard drive

Have put 346 pics on Flickr and 252 on Zooomr

Have contributed 3 posts, 32 comments to MeFi, 1 posts and 3 comments to MetaTalk, 4 questions and 8 answers to Ask MeFi and have been favourited 12 times
Have posted 35 comments to CiF
Have posted 23 videos to YouTube
Have edited 4 sections of Wikipedia


frank rich said...

With posts like this, I'm amazed that the big publishing houses are not camped outside your door.

john titor said...

I much preferred that thing you'll do next week.

Anonymous said...

AY! 'cordin' to your bleedin' stistics you've probly 'ad a good few 'undred people look at your soddin' 'ritins! Tha's loadsmore than 'ave ever seen MY blog. Although admittedly I DO 'rites it on a log in my bog.

Myeral said...

Bog log blog. I like that.

Gypsy said...

you're lucky. i removed my counter in a matter of of days. it depressed me so!